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People forget what a badass Speedwagon was.

Yo okay real talk though. Speedwagon is the greatest force of good in the Jojo universe.

Robert Edward Orville Speedwagon was nothing more than an average criminal and thug who never had anything worth a damn in his life until he met Jonathan Joestar. Jonathan was the FIRST person in the world to ever show him an ounce of kindness and I’m not lying when I say that Jonathan not kicking him with his full strength completely changed his life.

When Speedwagon found oil in America, he used it to found the Speedwagon Foundation, which is, literally, THE only reason the Joestar line is capable of fighting evil. The Speedwagon Foundation hires and funds doctors, scientists, archaeologists, anything and everything to make the world a better place. After meeting the Joestar family, Speedwagon dedicated everything he could to saving the world. With the exception of the Pillar Men, every source of evil in parts 1-6 can be attributed to Dio in some way. However, every source of good comes from Speedwagon or the Speedwagon Foundation. Speedwagon is the reason Jonathan was able to reveal Dio’s plan. The SPW developed the infrared lights to keep the Pillar Men at bay. The SPW sent doctors to Holly’s house when she was under attack from her Stand, as well as providing the Stardust Crusaders with vehicles and Iggy. Jotaro became part of the SPW and used their resources to aid Josuke, and even get Giorno started on his journey. The SPW researched the Stand Discs and provided assistance to Jolyne while she was imprisoned.

And all of this is because Speedwagon willed it to be so. Because his will dictated that ALL efforts of the SPW should go toward aiding the Joestar line and improving the world.

Also despite being a charming and handsome individual he never once made a move on Erina because he knew that her and Jonathan’s love was eternal and he was a motherfucking gentleman.

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